Frequently Asked Questions

What city is DinnerDate in?

Right now we are in beta in San Diego only. However we plan to expand aggressively to more major US cities in 2013. If you would like to vote for expansion to your city, please send a note to

What is the difference between a "Booking Fee Only" and a "Regular" DinnerDate event?

Our “Regular” DinnerDate events allow for you to pay for everything upfront so you don’t have to worry about a bill at the end of your event. Just show up, select from the options listed off the DinnerDate Event Page and enjoy your dinner. NOTE: if you order anything additional (glass of wine, etc) you will be billed at the event.

“Booking Fee Only” events give you complete control over what you order on the night of your event. Simply select the event that interests you, secure your seat and show up for a night of awesome dishes and even cooler company. Your bill will arrive at the end of your meal.

Either way, we put you in a “win-win” situation so why wait?

How do I use my promotion code?

1. Sign into your account, select an event from the “Find Dinners” link at the top of your page and click “Purchase”.


2. On this page, enter your promotion code in the box labeled: “Promotion Code – Enter Here”.


3. Be sure to click “Apply Discount” to complete the process. After clicking “Apply Discount”, your updated total will be viewable and you can complete the purchase by entering in your payment information, clicking that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms & Conditions and then click “Purchase Now”.


4. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation via email.

How do I use my DinnerDate Credits?

DinnerDate Credits are applied directly to your account. To use them, simply select an event and click the box “Redeem credits”.


Be sure to click “PURCHASE NOW” to complete the reservation.

Can I bring a friend?

We love that idea! Once you reserve your seat at any event, you will have the option to "Invite A DinnerDater" or you can "Email A Friend" with a personal invitation from your confirmation page. You can also “Search For More” DinnerDaters by clicking “Search For More” at bottom of the profile images.


Your friend will need to join before they can successfully register for the event. So go on, hook your friend up with some DinnerDate Awesomeness!

How can I cancel my reservation?

To cancel your reservation, click on “My Profile” located at the top of your screen and you will find “My Dinners” listed on the right-hand side of your screen.


Click on the event you wish to cancel and this will take you to the specific event page.


Click “Cancel My Registration For This Event


Here you will have the option to enter a reason for cancelling and then click “Submit” to complete the cancellation.

The refund process normally takes anywhere between 3 – 5 business days. CANCELLATIONS THAT OCCUR LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

For more assistance, please email:

How can I cancel my account?

To cancel your account and miss out on the COOLEST EVENTS EVER, click on “My Profile” located at the top of your screen and then scroll to the bottom of that page and click “Cancel My Account”. Or, you can send an email to: with your request. Your account will be cancelled and your information will be removed from our system.

We will miss you…

What happens at a DinnerDate?

All of our DinnerDates are set for evenings of fun, excitement and low pressure ways of meeting new people all in a group setting. "Big things happen at small dinners" is how we like to put it.

Once you arrive, simply let the restaurant know that you have a reservation with DinnerDate and they will take it from there.

Once you get to the table, you will be greeted by the event host or your fellow DinnerDaters.


Everybody is going to be just as excited as you so put your best foot forward and get set for a great night out!

All DinnerDate Events will have a minimum of six guests but will not exceed 12 guests to maintain that "small group" atmosphere.

What is the "Interested In"?


You can use the “Interested In” page to flip through the DinnerDaters in your area and alert those certain individuals that catch your attention.

What’s awesome about this is that when you show interest in someone, they are alerted every time you purchase a seat at a DinnerDate Event. Then, when someone selects interest in you, you are alerted every time they purchase a seat. This way you can grab a seat at the same event and let the awesomeness take off!

Basically, the “Interested In” page is like the coolest pick up line ever. Even better than our favorite – “Do you have a band aid ‘cause I think I scrapped my knee when I fell for you…” Yeah, we know. AWESOME!

Can I invite someone I like to dinner? How?

Yea, we can probably help you out with that.

Once you reserve your seat at any event, you will have the option to "Invite A DinnerDater" or you can "Email A Friend" with a personal invitation from your confirmation page.

Also, everyone that you have shown “Interest” in and those that have shown “Interest” in you will be alerted of the event you are going to so they can book to.

In other words, Cupid straight up goes all Scarface on people with his arrows.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards and payment is accepted once you choose your event.

Why do I pay upfront?

This allows for a more stress-free dinner. Simply show up and enjoy your dinner without worrying about how to split up the check.

What is included in the price?

On “Regular” events, the price is all inclusive of the selected menu, tax and gratuity. You will only need to cover your drinks at the meal if you choose to purchase any. The “Booking Fee Only” events cover your registration only. You will be billed at the end of your event for your meal.

What is a host?

A host is a DinnerDater just like you.

The host is there to help keep things flowing throughout the evening. They will have conversation starters, ice-breakers and more.

They are like DinnerDate Ninjas and can chop through those awkward moments to make sure you have an AWESOME time!

Does every event have a host?

There is always a "Host Position" available at every DinnerDate event. If you would like to learn more about being a host, please email: and we will get back to you as soon as we finish fighting off these dragons.

Is alcohol included?

Because everyone's tastes are different, we do not include preset alcohol beverages in the menu price. These drinks are billed individually at the DinnerDate so let your server know you would like to check the drink menu and lift that glass with your new friends!

Can I purchase more food at the restaurant?

Sure! If you would like to add anything to your dinner, simply ask your server and they will process the request. Your check for these items will arrive at the end of your DinnerDate.

Do the restaurants handle special requests like vegetarian or kosher?

Absolutely! These options are totally available.

Please send an email to containing the following information:

  • Your Account Information
  • Event Name
  • Event Date and Time
  • Request

We will place the request for you and confirm once the Restaurant has been notified.

What if I am the only person to sign up?

"The more the merrier" is how we like to put it! We keep a close eye on the number of attendees signed up for DinnerDates. If less than six (6) people sign up, we will reschedule the event and credit your DinnerDate account with a full refund.

Do I tip after dinner?

When you purchased your DinnerDate, all gratuities were included. If you order alcoholic beverages or anything extra and want to show your appreciation for the extra service, we won't tell anyone…

Is valet / parking included?

Valet parking is not included so it is a good idea to remember where you parked your car.

What happens when an event is cancelled?

If an event is cancelled by DinnerDate for any reason, we will issue a full refund of the purchase amount. We're cool like that.

Why can't I message people on the site?

Once you share a DinnerDate with someone, you will be able to message that person by clicking the "Message" button located in that user's profile.

If you see someone on that catches your attention, select that you are “Interested In” them and they can then see what event you go to. You can also invite them to join you at an event by clicking “Invite” on their profile page.

What is the gender ratio for events?

We want to make sure that everyone has an excellent experience so we do our best to keep an even ratio for our events. 

How do I see what Dinners I am going to?

To view your DinnerDates, click on “My Profile” located at the top of your screen and you will find “My Dinners” listed on the right-hand side of your screen.